I work with a relatively new medium called metal clay.  This medium was first invented in Japan in 1990 by engineers at Mitsubishi as a way to recover silver, gold, and platinum from old computers, medical instruments and photography supplies.  They were awarded a patent in 1994.  There are 3 simple ingredients; tiny particles of pure silver (or gold), water and an organic binder.  

The result is a moist, moldable material that can be rolled into texture, shaped over objects, or formed into vessels to name just a few.   Once dried it can be sanded, joined, layered, or bezels can be attached to set stones.  It is then fired in a kiln at temperatures up to 1675 degrees farenheit which burns off the binder and sinters the silver particles resulting in a solid silver piece of jewelry.

About the Materials

About the Work

I occupy the space between.  The space between all peoples who have come before me and all those that will follow, and yet its the same space.  A thousand lifetimes of ancestors before me, living on this fertile blue green body of our mother earth.  Breathing the same air, walking on the same soil, feeling the same wind, touching the same water.  

As I create, I seek that oneness with all cultures through time and place, with all  peoples of the past and with the fertile landscape of the natural world.  Stones, wood, bone, shells, all gathered from the earth, combine with the metal to create a touchstone, a talisman, a connection to the elements that have sustained us all through the ages.